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Empty your Gmail inbox with a GPT-3.5-powered extension that writes email replies. Use for free!

No set-up or download. Start using in 5 seconds


Meet (the) Buddy 🐶

He is ChatGPT’s younger sibling who, like any dog, loooves carrying the mail.

He heard that 28% of work time humans spend woofing on email. His mission is to help handle the routine writing work of beloved people.

At your command, MailBuddy will read the emails and craft responses in seconds based on the context.

All you need to do is hit "send".

In 5 seconds, MailBuddy will:


Handle replies to ANY emails

MailBuddy is GPT-3.5-powered, just like the famous ChatGPT. He analyzes the previous message (no matter how difficult it is) and writes a response for you. Use him for any incoming emails: inquiries, follow-ups, and corporate emails.


Listen to your commands

You can direct MailBuddy to write a specific response. He can be polite, formal, funny, brief – just tell him what to do!

He understands:
🧠specific details (add more info, examples, questions, etc.)
❤️sentiments (write politely, positively, etc.)
💎form (add bullet points, 3 tips, write briefly, etc.)

Buddy_gmail_doghouse (1).png

Work directly in your Gmail mailbox

He handles emails where they are – you don’t have to open additional windows, tabs, or login anywhere. Just hit the “reply” button, and you’ll see the MailBuddy ready to write for you.

Watch how he writes

MailBuddy is at your service

You control the quality

He does the writing, you do the approving. MailBuddy crafts responses that sound like a human. Yet, you are in full control of your response. Edit before sending anything, or re-generate a reply as many times as you want.

No set-up required

The extension is GPT-3.5-powered, which means it doesn’t require any additional training or set-ups for AI. All you need to do is install and use it right away from Gmail.

Free for use

MailBuddy has just one mission: to help humans reply faster to emails. The extension doesn’t need your personal data or account permissions. Use it instantly from Chrome without logins.

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